The Mosh Experience

The Mosh Experience

Tochnit - Program

Our campers are active participants throughout each day, shaping their own summer experience and the community as a whole. Inspired by the ideals of Israeli kibbutzim, Camp Mosh is a place where children work, play, sing, share and grow in a supportive, non-judgmental and healthy environment. Check out a typical Mosh Day schedule.

Avodah - Work

Avodah (work) is a vital component of Moshava’s community-building experience. Campers and staff choose fun activities such as gardening, caring for animals, preparing decorations for Shabbat, cooking, campfire building, trash and recycling, mural painting, path clearing and sanitation - still the most coveted work crew! With campers creating their own ideas, new projects surface each summer.

Chugim - Clubs

Clubs geared toward campers' interests offer many avenues in which campers can shine. While chugim vary each summer, they often include arts and crafts, dance, Mosh On Broadway, music, softball, Moshington Post, politics, comedy improv, reading and teva (nature).

Camp Mosh is a warm community where children feel at home, cared for and loved. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone is encouraged to be creative, express themselves and contribute to the community.

Experiential Learning

Learning is woven into the fabric of the camp experience. At Camp Mosh, creative activities and informal discussions about Jewish history and culture, social justice, Israel and Zionism foster a positive view and deeper understanding of our heritage.

Ivrit - Hebrew

At Moshava, Hebrew comes alive effortlessly through everyday experiences. Games, skits and songs reinforce the daily Hebrew camp vocabulary.

Judaism & Shabbat

At Camp Mosh children discover the joys of Judaism. Shabbat is a camp-wide experience that everyone shares in preparing. Campers write blessings, songs and special Shabbat skits, and a traditional Shabbat dinner is followed by singing and spirited Israeli dancing. Counselors guide campers in a Shabbat experience that is profound, original and intentional.

On Saturday, campers choose from a range of special Shabbat clubs, participate in discussion groups and leisure activities such as storytelling and swimming. We celebrate our love of music at Musicale where our campers share music and song. Shabbat culminates with a Havdallah service under the stars, an experience that is deeply profound. Once the stars are bright, it's off to our medurah (campfire)!

Maslul Chavalim - Ropes Course

Teambuilding is a natural component of our community bonding, and campers enjoy working together on our exciting low ropes challenge course. Whether it's by spotting, cheering each other on or working together as one big group, everyone is always engaged in the successful completion of an element. Campers learn in a fun way that they are supported by the community.

Peulot Sport (Sports) & Schiyah (Swimming)

Camp programs and free time allow campers to play a variety of sports, including basketball, softball, volleyball, Frisbee, gaga, soccer and yoga. Games are non-competitive so that campers of all skill levels can enjoyably participate.

We offer daily free swimming under the supervision of certified lifeguards in our two large pools. Older campers are offered the option to become Red Cross-certified lifeguards. Campers enjoy boating and tubing on our own lake and in local streams.

Tikun Olam - Repairing The World

Tikun Olam is also an important part of the Habonim Dror Camp Moshava philosophy. Campers join the greater community to help others. Projects have included gardening on an urban farm, stream clean up, harvesting crops for local soup kitchens and other social justice activities relevant to the communities surrounding camp. It's a fun and important way to give back to the community. For our campers who need community service hours, it’s a great way to earn them.

Tzofiut - Scouting

Outdoor living and hiking help campers connect with nature and learn about the Earth and our environment from a Jewish perspective. Our program features overnight campouts and day trips to nearby parks. Nature hikes, designed according to age group, create strong, cooperative bonds.