Ken DC and Baltimore

Ken DC & Baltimore

The Mosh Ken is a chapter of our Habonim Dror movement that functions year-round. Our Ken activities give us the ability to offer educational and social events all year, not just during the summer.

Ken activities and seminars are run by Habonim Dror counselors (madrichimot) living in your community, under the supervision of the Director of Teen Programs, Executive Director and the leadership of the Mazkirut Eizor (region). The Ken activities and overnights are an opportunity for year-round connection to Camp Mosh and to a community of friends.

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Bonimot Tzedek

Bonimot Tzedek is a year-round program dedicated to the growth of high school students in the Washington DC region. Through leadership development (hadracha), social justice education, and community organizing skill building, participants will become powerful leaders and change makers in their local and Jewish communities.

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Upcoming Events:

Kupa Picnic, Sunday, September 16, 2018, 3-5:30pm at Wheaton Forest Local Park, Sign up today!

Havdallah Dinners, Saturday, September 22, 2018, more info to come!

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