Camp Staff

Summer Staff

Madrichimot (Counselors)

Our madrichimot (counselors) are handpicked for their boundless energy, huge hearts, passionate idealism & smarts! These college students and graduates participated in Habonim Dror’s camps, Israel programs and leadership training. Camp Mosh counselors create a program meant to inspire campers’ lives and build their leadership skills. Our staff in this youth-led community “get” their campers; understand their humor, their individual strengths and insecurities and what they think is cool! Empowered campers model themselves after their counselors, often staying involved in the Habonim Dror youth movement and giving back to their community in a myriad of ways.

Mazkirut (supervisory staff)

At camp, five people share in the management of the day-to-day business of camp. They are responsible for the general well being, health, and safety of the campers. The Rosh (camp director) is the central coordinator of the camp. The Rosh hires the counselors and is responsible for running the camp program.
The Merakez Chinuch (program coordinator) is responsible for the development and implementation of the educational program. This includes planning the educational goals of the summer, as well as creating specific educational themes for each session, and working with staff towards their implementation. The Merakazei Techni (logistical coordinators) deal with all technical aspects of the program. Our two ‘Techni’s’works with the counselors to develop the camp's schedule, plan the hikes and all field trips. They are also responsible for maintenance and the general safety of the camp.

The Shaliach (Israel emissary) serves as the representative from Israel for the camp. A professional educator with years of youth movement experience, the Shaliach facilitates all aspects of the program that have to do with Israeli culture and history as well as the camp Hebrew program. The Shaliach represents the link between the Israeli and the local community. Tzevet (Staff) The staff also includes several Summer Shlichimot (educational emissaries) from Israel. They enhance a living link between the campers in America and their “chaverimot” in Israel.

Supervisory staff, counselors, lifeguards, kitchen staff, medics, and others, camper care coordinators (melavimot) and program specialists are chosen for their ability to serve as effective role models in guiding the work and play of our campers. Together, the Mosh Tzevet creates an unforgettable environment for Mosh chanichimot (campers).

Year Round Staff

Jennifer Braveman Silber, MSW, Executive Director

Jen is a Camp Mosh "lifer"! Having been a camper and staff member at Mosh for over 12 years in her youth, Jen is dedicated to ensuring that all campers and parents feel welcome and accepted into the Mosh community. With a Masters in Social Work from Smith College and BA in Psychology from McGill University, Jen has worked with children and families for over 20 years.

As Executive Director, Jen is responsible for day to day operations of Habonim Dror Camp Moshava, both in the city and at camp. Jen oversees business and operations management, fundraising and facilities throughout the year, as well as works with the youth leadership to guarantee the well-being of campers and staff.


Jen is dedicated to empowering youth to create a Jewish camp community that is inclusive, cooperative, connected to Israel, steeped in Jewish culture and based on the values of Tikun Olam and Shivyon Erech Ha’adam – the value and worth of all people. With her own children present at camp, Jen is eager to assist parents in every way. Please feel free to contact Jen by email or phone anytime.

The Executive Director is present at summer camp sessions and overnights.

Abigail Cohen, MSW, Registrar

Abby grew up attending sleepaway camp in Wisconsin and knows what a rewarding experience Jewish sleepaway camp can be. She married a Mosh alum and now has 3 kids at camp. Abby received a BA in History from the University of Michigan and earned her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. Prior to working for Camp Moshava, Abby worked for several different Jewish non profit organizations in New York.

As Registrar for Camp Moshava, Abby is responsible for recruiting new campers and assisting with enrollment for camp and the year round activities run by the Eizor. She has been focusing on growing enrollment and working to make sure new families are integrated into the Mosh community.

Over the summer, you can find Abby at the Administrative Office in Rockville during the week and frequently at camp on the weekends.


John Carlino, Camp Caretaker

John works year round to keep the Mosh grounds safe, operational and looking beautiful. From repairing windows to painting cabins, caring for chickens and planting the garden, John prepares and maintains the Mosh grounds and facilities. John loves being part of the Mosh community and knowing that his hard work provides a safe and fun space for campers and staff to create Mosh Magic.

Yael Horowitz, Director of Teen Programming

Yael Horowitz started as a camper at Mosh in 2006 and continued on as a staff member for five years. In 2017, Yael was Rosh Mosh (camp director). Yael graduated from Wesleyan University in 2017 with a BA in Film and African American Studies. A social justice activist, Yael is excited to be launching Mosh's new Bonimot Tzedek (Building Justice) program - a social justice leadership program for Jewish high school students. She will begin working out of the Camp Mosh offices in Rockville in September 2018. If you want to learn more about Bonimot Tzedek, you can reach her at .

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