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Rick and Rachel Glaser have been involved in Habonim Dror Camp Moshava for most of their lives. First as young campers, then as madrichim (counselors), later as Board members and then as professional, year round staff. Rachel served as Business Manager for over 25 years. Rick quietly oversaw the facility, accounting systems and was always available as needed. Their impact on Moshava is invaluable. Their hard work has brought us to the success we have today.

The reality is that if you went to Moshava, you most likely went to Moshava with one of the Glaser clan. Rick's father, Kurt, was the camp doctor many years ago. Rick's three brothers Ben, David and Danny went to Moshava. And Rick and Rachel's four children, Rivka, Miriam, Eli and Aviva have all attended Moshava. Now, there are cousins, nieces, nephews at Moshava.

Do we need to mention that Rick and Rachel met at Moshava and that their son, Eli met his wife Pnina at Moshava?

To celebrate and honor the Glaser's hard work, the Board of Directors created the Rick and Rachel Scholarship Fund. The proceeds of this fund provide our wonderful camping experience to all campers. There is no greater gift than the gift of Moshava friendships.


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